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Musician, Singer, Songwriter

A  versatile, passionate singer songwriter, guitarist, and pianist, Steve (and his talented band mates) have performed at many top venues in the New England area for over 3 decades.  Steve is grateful to have such a large and loyal following that continues to grow year after year. Available to perform solo, duo, trio events, and with his popular 5-piece classic rock band Hot Acoustics (Tim Leavitt -guitar/vocals, Carter Berking - bass/vocals, Ray Elwood - drums/vocals & Brad Kohl - sax/flute/percussion). In addition to Hot Acoustics, Steve has been performing and collaborating with good friend and world class violinist Violingrrl for over 10 years! From small, intimate house parties to large venues/festivals, Steve and his band mates always deliver a passionate and entertaining musical experience!  

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